MEA thanks NYC Civil Servants

Article posted on The Chief Leader Newspaper, November 4 issue.

NYC Managerial Employees Association (MEA) would like to thank its Members – NYC Managerial, Confidential and Original Jurisdiction Employees—for all the work they do to keep the Greatest City in the World running. We are proud to advocate on behalf of all managers for salaries, benefits, working conditions, and more.

The MEA was founded in the summer of 1968 in reaction to the passage of New York State’s Taylor Law and the implementation of the City’s Management Pay Plan. Since our founding, our primary purpose has been to provide superior advocacy services and support to all of our members. With chapters forming in virtually every agency, the MEA soon became an advocacy association where managers could be heard and represented. MEA is the only recognized employee organization for managers in New York City.

In the decades since, we have provided our members with numerous benefits, including financial and pension counseling, and access to supplemental medical and dental benefits. Our team works on hundreds of member cases a year, helping managers from all over the City navigate workplace issues such as performance evaluations; time / leave; promotions, re-assignments, or transfers; and demotions or suspensions. MEA’s attorneys provide legal services for EEO, DOI, COIB, and Civil Service interviews and hearings. 

The MEA has become a strong advocate for members and non-members alike. We have advocated successfully for managers to receive ongoing, across the board salary increases for all managers at the same rate, or higher, and at the same time as, if not sooner than, collective bargaining employees.

We are also a source of information on manager benefits, compensation, workplace rights, and other related issues. Our bi-weekly ebulletin has become an invaluable resource of important information for City happenings, including a comprehensive overview of the ongoing situation concerning the potential switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan for City retirees.  

We have recently opened conversations with the Office of Labor Relations regarding a work-from-home policy for managers. We surveyed our members and presented our findings in a testimony at the City Council hearing to shine light on the needs of the managerial workforce in this time of transition.

Most importantly, MEA believes in the irreplaceable value managers bring to City government. They are responsible for achieving individual Agency goals as well as satisfying Administration mandates. Within given parameters and sometimes with unforeseen limitations and handicaps, these tasks are achieved on a regular basis by career managers. They should be identified and compensated fairly and reasonably for the magnitude of their responsibilities. Managers deserve the same level of respect and attention for their dedication and hard work as other municipal employees.