Meeting: Medicare Advantage lawsuit update and proposed changes to City Administrative Code Section 12-126

All MEA members are invited to the Retiree Chapter meeting. Speakers will provide an update to Medicare Advantage lawsuit and explain the proposed changes by the Mayor and MLC to the City’s Administrative Code Section 12-126. This Section of the Administrative Code spells out the City’s responsibilities for health insurance benefits for active and retired City employees. 

Introductions, Adrienne Leaf
Adoption of the Minutes of the April 27, 2022 meeting

Guest Speaker, Marianne Pizzitola
Speaker, Stu Eber
Retiree Chapter Director’s Report, Adrienne Leaf
MEA President’s Report, Darrell Sims
Organization Committee Report, Edgar Landas/Alice Wong
COMRO Report, Warren Lewis/Stu Eber

Advance registration is required. Zoom link will be provided to all registrants.

Marianne Pizzitola is the current President and founding member of the NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees. This organization was founded in August 2021 in response to NYC’s attempt to move all Medicare eligible retirees into a Medicare Advantage Plan. Prior to her leadership role in that organization, Marianne was the President of FDNY EMS Retirees Association for approximately 16 years. This organization assisted members in their fight against the City for pension and Workers’ Compensation benefits and provided them with financial assistance until benefits were obtained. Marianne started her career with the City as an Emergency Medical Specialist in 1991 and also held the higher position of Pension and Benefit Consultants. In addition to her career with NYC , Marianne opened and operated a bakery in Georgia called Magnolia Manor Sweets for 6 years. She is a graduate of State University of NewYork, Old Westbury where she received her BA in 2007. She also holds an AS in Culinary Arts/Hospitality.

Stu Eber. Stu is President Emeritus of MEA. He will discuss the current situation of the City and MLC initiative to get the City Council to amend Section 12-126 of the Administrative Code. This amendment will impact City responsibility for health insurance for all City employees and retirees. Stu Eber served as President of MEA from 2010 to 2017 and stepped down as President in December 2017. He joins William Dworkin as a President Emeritus on the MEA Executive Board. Stu was elected President of the NYC Managerial Employees Association (NYC MEA) in January 2010 and was reelected in 2012 and 2015. He worked in conjunction with the Executive Board and the MEA Executive Director to provide the leadership needed for continued organizational growth. The Membership Report from 2010-2017 shows that, with Stu’s leadership, MEA recruited over 3,000 new members. For more than 30 years, Stu developed and delivered income support services to thousands of New Yorkers in his capacity as a Human Resources Administration employee. He retired in 2004 after serving as a Deputy Commissioner and then became more active in the MEA. Prior to his election as MEA President, Stu functioned as Chapter Director of the MEA Retirees Chapter and Chair of the Technology and Publicity Committees. He was primarily responsible for the enhancements to the website, newsletter, and membership database. Stu is a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a BA in Political Science. He is a long-time resident of the Bronx, New York. He has two sons, three grandsons, and one granddaughter.