Parade to honor essential workers.

With deep gratitude and appreciation, we say THANK YOU to all essential workers for their service and sacrifice.

Today, New York City threw a ticker-tape parade in their honor up the Canyon of Heroes.

Essential workers’ efforts kept the city afloat during a period of crisis that disrupted all facets of everyday life.  Thanks to their diligence there remained some doses of normalcy throughout these anything but normal times. 

City hospitals did not close. The Staten Island Ferry never stopped running.  Garbage did not pile up. Food deliveries were made.

Essential workers made it possible for the city to have made it through the pandemic. 

Their march up the Canyon of Heroes is a much-deserved ceremony to solidified something that many people already knew – the people marching in the parade, the people who risked their health by showing up to work to keep the city running – are heroes.

For their heroism and selfless service to everyone in New York City, we at the MEA say thank you.