Workplace Problem Resolution

Having a work-related issue? We at the MEA are here to help. Our members receive legal representation for a variety of work-related issues, and we advocate on our members’ behalf for resolution with agency officials.

Be sure to contact the MEA office before your problem escalates. We will advise and work with you to strategize a response to ensure that you can address work-related matters with confidence.

Below are some best practices to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary confrontation:

  • Take a breath before you respond, and evaluate the situation calmly, considering the role you play.
  • Create a plan/strategy–the MEA can help.
  • Address the matter early and set up a time to talk about it. Keep all relevant documentation.
  • Focus on actions rather than personality.
  • Start with a common goal and work towards finding a solution. Be sure to focus on the work.
  • Be mindful of your body language. Don’t be defensive; it will be communicated.
  • Express your thoughts and feelings without blaming.
  • Listen actively.
  • Be thoughtful of your responses.
  • Find the real problem and find something on which you can agree. Remember that some conflicts require creative compromises/solutions.


  • Conflict resolution is an important problem-solving skill.
  • Consider forgiveness. Try to forgive past indiscretions and move on positively.
  • There is a Code of Conduct: sometimes, certain actions or behaviors are simply not acceptable.

MEA is in your corner. For more information on how we support our members, visit our Member Benefits page here.