2023 MEA Member Services, midyear.

NYC Managerial Employees Association (MEA) strives to provide excellence to our members.

To date, there has been a large surge in Member Services assistance. We have seen an increase in members seeking assistance with benefits-related matters and requests for counsel in addressing work-related and non-work-related legal matters.

All conversations are confidential. MEA members should contact the office when there is an issue for which one might require assistance or advocacy. This is especially important for work-related legal issues – contact the MEA office immediately. We advise that as much as one might want, do not speak with a colleague as this may worsen the situation.

The MEA legal team provides services for EEO, DOI, COIB, and Civil Service interviews and hearings. We strongly encourage our members not to attend these activities without conferring with MEA. Matters that developed prior to membership are considered pre-existing conditions, and we cannot advocate for these issues.

Non-work-related matters provides access to quality services covering a wide range of legal matters. Your membership includes a free consultation and a preferred-client rate for additional legal work. Legal areas range from Wills & Estate Planning, Real Estate, Marital law, Personal Injury, and Criminal Defense, etc. A full list may be found on the benefit page of the MEA website.

In the first half of 2023, we are already ahead of the prior year, in total cases.