The Retirees Chapter membership includes retired NYC Managers as well as Managers who have left City service.
Chapter events include: meetings with speakers on topics of interest to retirees, participation in short-term MEA projects as members of the Volunteer Corps, and an annual luncheon.

The Retirees Chapter meets twice a year. Meetings provide an opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues, to learn about upcoming changes to City benefits and activities of the MEA. Speakers on topics of particular interest to retirees are invited. The Chapter also holds an annual luncheon at a NYC restaurant.

The Chapter provides members an opportunity to stay involved with current MEA activities and initiatives even though they are no longer active managers. Members make up a substantial number of participants in the MEA Volunteer Corps as well as other MEA committees and activities.

Some previous activities have included: survey of MEA managers’ problems with Healthplex dental provider in order to negotiate for changes with the City. Survey of MEA membership needs for advanced educational opportunities and negotiation with CUNY for new scholarship programs for MEA members.

Please see Upcoming Events tab for information on Retiree Chapter Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 2019.


Please, let us know what you’ve been up to so we can share with your MEA friends and colleagues.

Please send your news to us at



Tuesday, October 22, 2019

11:00AM – 1:00PM



42 Broadway, Suite 1945, 19th Floor

New York, NY  10004


GUEST SPEAKER:  Tina Ramsey, Chairperson of the Financial Planning Seminars Subcommittee and Chapter Director of the DCAS Chapter

Tina has scheduled several interesting Financial Planning Seminars for 2019 – 2020. She will share details regarding seminar topics and the guest speakers with us.

We are also inviting recent retirees who have not yet joined the chapter, so let us know if you will be bringing a potential new member to this event.

Please RSVP NOT LATER THAN FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2019, by Email at,  or contact the MEA Office by telephone at (212) 964-0035.


Transportation: The MEA is conveniently located near the following subway lines:  # 2, #3, to Wall Street; #4, #5 to Wall Street or Bowling Green; #1 or R trains to Rector Street; J or Z train to Broad Street.




News items such as as upcoming deadlines or changes to New York City or Medicare benefits


Minutes / Meeting Notes of the recent Chapter Meeting

You may eMail Chapter Officers directly with questions, suggestions, comments.

We LOVE to hear from our members!

Adrienne A. Leaf
Chapter Director

Sam Borkow

Evelyn Nyman

August 2019

Dear MEA Retiree:

Hope you are enjoying the summer.
Just some recent news I wanted to share with you all.

You should have received your Medicare Part B funds in April this year. If you qualify for IRMAA supplemental funds, you need to go to the OLR website and apply. Unfortunately, you still need to download the application form, attach copies of your Medicare Award letter for 2018 as well as your 1099-SSA for 2018 and mail the form back to OLR (address on form). IRMAA funds will be mailed or done by direct deposit in October.

Our new website is starting to function, so take a look at the Retirees page and give me your feedback. Lots more work for me to fill up the various new sections. If you like to do that sort of thing and want to volunteer I welcome your help.

Our spring Chapter meeting was a breakfast at Junior’s in downtown Brooklyn. Guest Speaker was Leslie Sierra, Outreach Coordinator at Statewide Senior Action Council. She told us what her organization does and urged us to get involved in lobbying for senior issues in Albany.

Our next meeting will be in the fall, probably October. Any ideas you have for guest speakers would be most welcome.

I assume most of you already know of the passing of MEA’s Benefits and jack-of-all trades expert Joel Fishelson. He will be sorely missed.

Adrienne Leaf
Chapter Director