Member Benefits


The advantages of an MEA membership extend far beyond acting as your advocate with the City. MEA membership grants you access to an impressive list of member-only services and programs. Members have access to career development training programs, medical/dental/vision care plans, pension/financial counseling, and legal advice. Benefits extends to member spouse, domestic partner, and dependent children who are also eligible for the medical, dental, and vision care plans as well as legal services.

For individual work-related issues, we advocate on our member’s behalf for understanding or problem resolution with agency officials. Generally, we receive more than 300 calls a year to assist managers. This includes issues related to: performance evaluations; time / leave; promotions, re-assignments, or transfers; demotions or suspensions; and benefits. MEA’s attorneys provide legal services for EEO, DOI, COIB, and Civil Service interviews and hearings.

We strongly encourage our member not to attend these activities without conferring with the MEA. If you are having issues or have questions related to those issues noted above, please contact the MEA at (212) 964-0035.

Important notice: as a standard operating procedure, we investigate, and research inquiries submitted to us by our members. We review the submitted documents related to your events /situations described. Unfortunately, if these events occurred prior to your joining the MEA and as such are considered Pre-Existing Conditions, we are not able to dedicate our efforts towards the necessary research for you. Matters that developed prior to membership are considered Pre-Existing Conditions, and we cannot advocate for these issues.


We are pleased to announce our Legal Services Benefit Program for active and retired members of the NYC Managerial Employees Association, their spouses, and their domestic partners now includes our members’ parents and dependent children.

This program continues to provide access to quality services covering a wide range of legal matters that are non-job related. Key components of the program include free consultation, a preferred-client rate for additional legal work, and seminars on various legal topics.

Legal areas included, but not limited are:

  • Wills, Estates, Estate Planning, Elder Law
  • Marital – Pre-Nuptial, Adoption, Separation, Divorce, Custody, Child Support
  • Real Estate Contracts & Foreclosures
  • Health Care Proxies & Powers of Attorney
  • NYC Pension Disability Retirement
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Bankruptcy
  • Negligence Claims, Personal Injury, Malpractice, Automobile
  • Criminal Defense
  • Immigration

Please contact the MEA at (212) 964-0035 for a referral to the MEA’s counsel.

This benefit enables MEA members to learn about the various options which are available to them under the NYC Employees Retirement System (NYCERS) prior to their retirement.

A personal counseling session is available by appointment before and after retirement.

On the day of your personal counseling session, please bring the following documents with you (we will not keep copies, they are only for use during discussion with the Pension Counselor).

  • Your NYCAPS “ESTUBS” Payment Summary (3 years) or W-2’s for 3 years.
  • The latest annual pension statement you received from NYCERS
  • An estimate of your pension from NYCERS, if available.
  • Your most recent Social Security statement, if available.
  • Any recent pay stub.
  • Any documents you have received regarding your pension.
  • Approximate balance of your 457/401K.

If you have any questions, prior to your appointment, please contact the MEA at (212) 964-0035.


Financial Planning seminars are held for the purpose of providing information to city managers to help them make better decisions related to their financial stability.  On average, about 30-50 people attend our events.  Some of the attendees are our members as well as non-members.

Financial Planning seminars are developed according to requests made by our members.  We have conducted seminars based upon various topics such as life insurance, tax updates, elder care, home buying strategies, managerial benefits, etc. Please, see the currently scheduled seminars posted in the News & Events section of the MEA website.

These seminars have been very successful, because we are providing interesting information related to subjects that interest our members.  After every seminar, members get to complete a satisfaction survey and provide requests for their next subjects.  It is not necessary to wait for a scheduled seminar, please contact the MEA at (212) 964-0035 or by email at .

You provide the request for knowledge, and we will provide the instructor.


Children of MEA members in good standing, both active and retired, and managers seeking to advance their skills are eligible for scholarships awarded annually, on a one time only basis.

More Information about the MEA’s Annual Scholarship Program (including the Application Form) is posted in the RESOURCES section of the MEA website

We strongly urge you to seriously consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

We previously established the value of educational/professional credentials by analyzing its impact on scholarship recipients. It clearly demonstrated that successful completion resulted in increased salary, promotional opportunity and an enhanced ability to perform one’s job responsibilities. This is a great benefit to help you advance your career development goals. We need you to identify certificate programs of interest to you.

More Information about the MEA’s CUNY Tuition Reimbursement Program (including the Expression Interest, the Application Forms, and, importantly, the 2020 Change in the Program Announcement Document-10.19.2019) is posted in the RESOURCES section of the MEA website

MEA Members have access to medical coverage beyond what is offered by the City, including dental, vision, and hearing care. The Voluntary Insurance Program offers Comprehensive Medical and Life Insurance Coverage beyond what is offered by the City of New York.

Includes: Dental, Vision, Group Universal Life Insurance, Short-term Disability Income Insurance, Critical Care Insurance, and Long-term Care Insurance.
Voluntary Insurance Programs