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Because you’ll get so much more. Yes, the wage increases and improved working conditions the MEA has fought for apply to all managerial employees. But the additional members-only benefits are substantial. Click on the blue “View All Benefits” button above and get all the details about improved medical coverage, financial counseling, pension counseling, conflict resolution, and more!

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We are different because the Taylor Law prohibits collective bargaining by a union for managers.

MEA is the only recognized employee organization for managers in the City of New York; our membership covers every agency in all five boroughs of the City.

MEA advocates on behalf of all managers for salaries, benefits, working conditions, and more.

MEA is open to all managers and Original Jurisdiction employees who are members of the Management Benefits Fund.

The Associate Member Program offers a modified membership to former managers who were reclassified to a position qualified for collective bargaining.

Yes, absolutely. And remember, these legal benefits accrue to your spouse or domestic partner as well as to your dependent children.

Yes, your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children are eligible for the same non-work-related benefits you receive, such as medical, dental, and vision care, and free legal counseling for non-work related matters.

MEA has advocated successfully for managers to receive ongoing, across the board salary increases for all satisfactory or better managers at the same rate, or higher, and at the same time as, if not sooner than, collective bargaining employees.

For individual work-related issues, we advocate for understanding or resolution of the problem with agency officials. Generally, we receive more than 300 calls a year to assist managers.

The MEA offers a medical benefits program that is a supplement to the medical benefits program offered to managers by the City and includes dental and vision care.