Community Manager Appreciation Day

In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, the MEA would like to send out our thanks to our members from the various Community Boards across the city. New York is a huge city, and our community boards help to create a sense of neighborhood identity and to address issues that may get lost when looking at the city as a whole. From addressing infrastructure concerns to organizing events that bring neighbors together, community managers ensure that the pulse of the neighborhood is not just heard but actively responded to. Their mission is to make neighborhoods work for the people who live in them, and they raise pertinent issues to the City Council and City government agencies to take action.

To find out which Community Board represents your neighborhood, you can use this interactive map (which has other useful information like your school district and police precinct). To find the contact information and meeting schedule for your board, look here.

We’d like to send a special shoutout to our MEA Community Board chapter representatives: Celestina Leon, George Torres, Shawn Campbell, and Susan Stetzer. Not only do they work hard to make the neighborhoods they serve better places to live, their active participation as members of our Executive Board help to make the MEA stronger.