Firefighter Day

Thank you, Firefighters! MEA thanks the fearless individuals of the FDNY, New York’s Bravest, in honor of International Firefighters’ Day (May 4) The FDNY has worked tirelessly for over a century to help make the largest city in the nation one of the safest, running into dangerous situations in service of their fellow New Yorkers. In addition to their work battling blazes, they provide disaster relief and aid during public safety crises.

The department engages with the public through education programs on fire safety and emergency preparedness. They even have some unique including: youth programs, free CPR classes, Open Houses, and Block Parties to further connect with the citizens they so bravely serve.

Learn more at the New York City Fire Museum. Housed in a former FDNY fire house, the museum hosts a collection that traces the history of firefighting in the city from its infancy through the present day. The museum endeavors to educate the public about fire prevention and safety and is a point of pride among the retired FDNY members who volunteer there.  

We are proud to represent the deserving managerial employees of our FDNY Chapter. We’d like to send a special shoutout to our MEA FDNY chapter representative: Charles Jackson who serves on our Executive Board to help make the MEA stronger.

If you are interested in running for one of the leadership positions – Chapter Director, Assistant Chapter Director, and Recording Secretary – be sure to contact the office. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the fight to protect your rights! Spread the word about membership to any of your colleagues who are not members, for we are stronger in numbers.