Health Coverage Quick Links

The Office of Labor Relations (OLR) and Management Benefit Fund (MBF) provides insurance coverage for medical, dental and vision.

The MEA does not administer any insurance plans – we have compiled a directory of the important insurance-related information and links below.

Administered by the Office of Labor Relations’ Health Benefit Plan.

  • For a list and detailed explanation of health plans offered for both active employees and retirees, visit here
  • For a rate chart for the various health plans for both active employees and retirees, visit here
  • To find a provider, locate your plan here (open the plan document, and follow the directions to accessing the plan’s network)
  • For information about the PICA drug program, visit here

Need help enrolling in a plan?

  • For active employees, follow the instructions here
  • For retirees, follow the instructions here or watch this video
  • For enrolling a domestic partner, follow the instructions here


  • Medicare enrollment, visit here for information
  • Medicare Part B & IRMAA reimbursement, visit here for information
  • Medicare drug coverage, visit here for information

Visit the Office of Labor Relations pages on medical coverage, visit here for active employees and visit here for Medicare-eligible retirees. Non-Medicare retirees can find guidance here.

Dental coverage is administered through the Management Benefit Fund and provided by Administrative Services Only (ASO), which provides access to their network along with the Carington Network.

  • To find a participating dental provider, visit here
  • To complete a dental claim form, visit here
  • To view the current dental plan, visit here
  • To contact ASO, visit their page here, submit a request through their portal located at the bottom, or call them at 877-844-7667
  • To visit the Management Benefits Fund page on dental coverage, visit here

Vision coverage is administered through the Management Benefits Fund and provided by General Vision Insurance (GVS). The NYC GVS vision benefits number is #6054

  • To find a participating vision provider, visit here
  • For a list of covered benefits, visit here

For instructions on accessing vision care benefits, visit here

To download a vision benefits claim form, visit here

To visit the Management Benefit Fund’s page on vision coverage, visit here

Office of Labor Relations offers workplace wellness program for City employees.

WorkWell program is to create workplaces that engage and empower employees to live healthy, active lifestyles, and to provide health and well-being services, programs, and resources.

  • Visit the WorkWell page here.

The Be Well program supports employees’ emotional, mental, and social well-being, promotes access to mental health benefits.

  • Visit the Be Well page here.