Hear Us Roar

Over 25,000 letters were sent to City Hall, City Council, Agency Heads, and elected officers. The collective voices signaled the reality – we are strong in numbers. We must continue the momentum in supporting City managers who are not covered under the Mayor’s Personnel Orders. 

MEA urges the City Authorities to adopt the same terms for their managerial, original jurisdiction, and confidential employees. All City workers deserve to be fairly compensated for the hard work they do in keeping New York the Greatest City in the World.  

Now is the time for us to band together and ensure that all NYC employees enjoy the best work experience possible. We are stronger in numbers, and every member of our rank helps us to increase and improve our advocacy efforts. Tell your colleagues and encourage them to join the only organization recognized by the City to advocate on behalf of managerial, original jurisdiction, and confidential employees. 

Notes of appreciation from our members:

“This is such good news! Thank you for your work on this!”

“Really appreciate all the advocacy you all have been doing on ensuring that manager get a pay raise, and huge congratulations on a great success.”

“Thank you for your efforts in advocating for raises for NYC managers who were in  covered positions on February 2, 2024 as well as on May 24, 2021.”

“This is fantastic news to kick off the weekend! Thank you for sharing and for your diligent work to advocate for NYC managers, it is very much appreciated!”


“Good work…well deserved!”

“Thanks for letting me know. We really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.”

“Thanks, so much for the hard work and support!!”

“Great job!”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”