I am writing to say Thank You.

I had a workplace problem on a Friday afternoon. There wasn’t a dispute, but at its core was an issue with my supervisor regarding the work responsibilities of myself and those of another colleague. 

Somehow the issue that we were working on reflected upon me but the matter fell under the purview of my colleague.

There was even discussion of a negative Performance Evaluation and even potential disciplinary action meeting. I was surprised. I hadn’t done anything wrong.

I contacted the MEA. We candidly discussed my circumstance. We then worked together to discuss a plan of action.  I worked with the MEA in preparing my response and to remedy this matter as my career is very important to me.

MEA followed-up with me days later to ensure that things were resolved in a reasonable matter. It felt great knowing that I had people who supported me, encouraged me, and were on my team.

I was relieved when this issue was resolved and not to be revisited. I was also relieved to have someone on my side to help me.