I am writing to you to say thank you.

Dear MEA Staff,

I am thankful to have you as an advocate. 

On the morning I had to go in to a meeting, it dawned on me that I did not have to attend with all the uncertainties I was experiencing due stress, lack of sleep and quite frankly, not knowing how to proceed. 

When I joined MEA, the importance of seeking counsel was impressed upon me. Something along on the lines of, ‘mark my words, you will need to use this number when you have to go into that meeting.’ That message stuck with me and I am grateful. Even when you believe you are doing the right things, keep in mind, other people’s perspectives and perceptions are present as well. At the time, I thought, will I be comfortable sharing my story? And, will the information I share be confidential?

Well, reaching out to MEA was my best decision. In seeking support, through the questions asked and the overall professional care and guidance I received, I became focused, confident and equipped In moving forward with having the difficult conversation ahead of me. 

The conflict of the situation taught me a great lesson. Operating from a place of integrity only mitigates the challenges we could face as managers.

Seek Support. 

Your Fellow Colleague and Member