International Women’s Day

Each year on March 8, millions around the globe observe International Women’s Day. With humble beginnings in a march through New York City demanding better working conditions and voting rights, International Women’s Day eventually spread as suffrage movements gained steam. Today, it serves as an important reminder of the work that remains for women to achieve full equality, as well as a celebration of the progress that has been made and the hardworking, dedicated women who have helped achieved it.

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is Inspire Inclusion. This theme seeks to shine light on the importance of diversity in achieving true gender equality. Diversity initiatives in the spheres of leadership, education, and media are essential for assuring that equality is experienced by women of all communities, especially those in marginalized groups. Inspire Inclusion asks for concerted efforts to be made to include women from all backgrounds in more visible and impactful ways to breakdown stereotypes and encourage acceptance and equality across all communities. 

Those looking to participate in International Women’s Day activities can find some events local to them and virtual events listed here. Any action taken that helps to promote full gender equality is a great way to spend International Women’s Day this year. 

MEA honors and thanks all of our women members! As mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, and caregivers, you fill many roles in your lives that demand great time, focus, and energy. To be able to still dedicate yourselves to serving the people of New York is admirable and a testimony to your strength. We are honored to advocate for you, help protect your rights in the workplace, and celebrate your wins!