Letter to OLR | Re: Status of Manager Pay Raises

September 7, 2023

Ms. Renee Campion
Office of Labor Relations

Re:  Status of Manager Pay Raises

Dear Commissioner Campion,

We are writing as a follow up to our meeting with you and your staff on April 11, 2023.  The MEA would like to know when managers and confidential employees will receive pay raises?  Will their pay raises be similar to the DC 37 Economic Agreement that was ratified in April 2023 and include the option for work flexibility?

As you know, managerial and confidential employees’ salaries are stagnant and significantly inadequate to address increases in the cost of living with the highest inflation in over forty years during this past year.  The lack of fair and timely pay raises has a negative impact on the morale of City employees, and in this particular case, managers and confidential employees who have not received salaries increases since October of 2019.

Please advise the MEA as to the status of pay raises and the possibility of flexible work options for managerial and confidential employees.  We sincerely appreciate your attention in addressing this extremely important matter.


Darrell L. Sims                                                                           Alice Wong
President                                                                                  Executive Director

Cc:  Stuart Salles, Esq.