Mayor’s Personnel Order Signed.

Managers are finally getting their Pay Raise. Your collective effort in the online campaign made the difference. We are stronger in numbers. MEA will provide info as it becomes available (updated 3:35pm).

Managers in active status on the date of this order (Feb 2).

Wage Increase: 15.25% over 5 years from May 2021 to May 2025, with potential for additional salary increase at each Agency’s discretion.

Bonus details: all covered employees will receive a $3,000 lump sum payment effective the date this Order is signed.

+ PTO Incentive
+ Merit Recruitment/Funding

The orders are applicable to all mayoral agencies.
Attachment 1: DCAS Memo
Attachment 2: Mayor’s Personnel Order 2004/1 (Managerial titles)
Attachment 3: Mayor’s Personnel Order 2004/2 (OJ Titles)