MEA Executive Director named Responsible 100 List

Alice Wong, Executive Director, NYC MEA, Responsible 100 List by City & State Magazine.

Job description. I have the honor of representing New York City public service employees as an advocate for labor and civil rights in my role as executive director of New York City Managerial Employees Association. We are catalysts for promoting public and agency policies that effect positive economic and social change for managerial employees. Working together with elected officials and appointed representatives, we strive to enhance equality, protect benefits and to be the voice representing nonunionized employees in New York City.

Defining social responsibility. Social responsibility means serving my community. I was appointed as a board member representing Manhattan Community Board District 4. This volunteer board represents the district’s residents, institutions, nonprofit and businesses’ common interests to city agencies and brings solutions to our district. I have learned so much in working together with my neighbors, who are equally committed, in creating positive direct impact for change to enhance the community we live in.

Best advice. Remember to be kind to yourself, love yourself and be true to yourself – because the longest relationship you will ever have – is the one you have with yourself.

The purpose of the New York City Managerial Employees Association (MEA) is to promote the advancement of managerial employees of the City of New York by advocating for their professional growth, increased wages, enhanced benefits and improved working conditions. The MEA collaborates and networks with the Mayor’s Office, elected officials, the City’s administration, agency leaders, community representatives and stakeholders to advocate for members to receive pay equity, parity and professional advancement opportunities consistent with the Association’s values of respect and professionalism.  

Alice Wong, our Executive Director, performs her responsibilities promoting the MEA with the utmost professionalism, integrity, respect, and dedication.  These qualities are exemplified in the essence of the MEA’s mission.  We proudly congratulate Alice for being recognized by the City & State New York as a member of the “Responsible 100” for her invaluable service to the NYC Managerial Employees Association.

Darrell Sims

NYC Managerial Employees Association