MEA honors DCAS Employee Recognition Day 2023

Dear Commissioner Pinnock,

Congratulations to the honorees reaching their service milestone! 

NYC MEA is honored to be a part of today‚Äôs Employee Recognition event and to recognize the members of the MEA.   We congratulate you on your accomplishments and thank you for your dedication in public service.  

For more than 50 years the MEA has advocated for our city managers who are represented in nearly every city agency.  NYC MEA has guided and supported our members in both professional and personal legal matters and will continue to advocate on behalf of those in the managerial ranks. 

Thank you for your commitment to New Yorkers by the important work you perform on our behalf and upholding the mission of NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services which makes city government work for all New Yorkers via commitment to equity, effectiveness, and sustainability in providing City agencies with the resources and support needed to succeed.

MEA is proud to represent the managers of NYC

Cedric Curry
10 Years, DCAS Milestone
9 Years, MEA Member

Barbara DiFiore
15 Years, DCAS Milestone
12 Years, MEA Member

Kevin Finegan
35 Years, DCAS Milestone
13 Years, MEA Member

Clara Gomez
20 Years, DCAS Milestone
12 Years, MEA Member

Jerez Hue
25 Years, DCAS Milestone
3 Years, MEA Member

Sonia Lamrhari
15 Years, DCAS Milestone
4 Years, MEA Member

Tine Ramsey
35 Years, DCAS Milestone
19 Years, MEA Member

Kristia-Marie Winter
15 Years, DCAS Milestone
1 Year, MEA Member