MEA honors DEP Employee Recognition Day

Congratulations to our MEA DEP Members for reaching their milestone! Peter Kontogiannis, MEA Director-at-Large, participated in the celebration to recognize our members (listed below).

PRESENTATION. My name is Peter Kontogiannis, I am a Director-at-Large with the New York City Managerial Employees Association.  On behalf of the MEA Board of Directors and the MEA team, we congratulate you on your accomplishments and thank you for your dedication in public service.  

For more than 50 years the MEA has advocated for our city managers, both actively working and those who have retired.  We have guided and supported our members in both professional and personal legal matters.  And we will continue for 50 more years with your support.  It is no accident that DEP is the 4th largest chapter. 

I am happy to see many of our members here in the audience today, your commitment in fulfilling DEP’s mission to enrich the environment and protecting the public health for all New Yorkers has not gone unnoticed. 

MEA thanks you for your service, on top of that, I personally thank you, not just as fellow DEP Manager, not just as the MEA Director-at-Large; I thank you as neighbor.  I live here too (as a New Yorker).    

MEA extends its appreciation to the commissioner and the DEP for organizing this special event to recognize the hard work and years of service of Managers. We are proud to represent city Mangers and look forward to welcoming you to our association. 

Anello, Thomas S
Arnold, Thomas M
Beckhardt, Laurence 
Brock, Terrance L
Bukhari, Syed A
Caggiano, James A
Carchietta, Kenneth G
Cataldo, Keith  Craffey,
Carice T Daly, Bernard J
D’Attile, Lauren M
Davis, Carol R
Dejesus, Julio E
Dharia, Purnima 
Dowey, Edward 
Fahey, Peter J
Guzman Delerme, Josephine 
Handy, Brian C
Haque, Enam M
Kight, Justin R K
lein, Mark 
Lai, Pedick C
Lee, Lily 
Loehr, Michael C
Luke, Persis D
Maracic, Anthony 
Marchese, Anthony 
Mattarella, Vincenzo 
Mayer, Harry E
McCarthy, Andwele 
Milazzo, Frank J
Munari, Frank F
Murin, Joseph P
Olton, David A
Pianelli, Peter E
Quinn, Michael 
Riviere, Stephane D
Roach, Michael T
Tam, Theresa M
Weinberg, Michael G