MEA Letter to Deputy Mayor Wright

MEA followed up with Deputy Mayor Wright on May 8 and we are still awaiting a response to our request for a direct meeting.

May 8, 2023

Ms. Sheena Wright
First Deputy Mayor of the City of New York
NYC City Hall Park
260 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

Dear Deputy Mayor Wright,

The New York City Managerial Employees Association (MEA) appreciates you forwarding our meeting request to the Office of Labor Relations (OLR).  On April 11, 2023, MEA representatives Alice Wong, Executive Director, Stuart Salles, Esq., Legal Counsel and myself met with OLR Commissioner Renee Campion and Assistant Commissioners Tamara Lake and Matthew Campese.

The MEA was in search of meaningful discussion and responses to the issues we had presented to Commissioner Campion at the July 13, 2022 meeting and during our subsequent meeting on April 11, 2023.  Commissioner Campion did not have answers to address any of the issues presented including the status of managerial pay raises.  The meeting concluded with Ms. Campion stating there was no definitive timeframe as to when she would be able to address any of the issues presented.

In these meetings, OLR exhibited limited concern and respect for MEA’s advocacy efforts to improve the work-life experience for City managers.  Managers deserve the same level of respect and attention for their dedication and hard work as other municipal employees.  MEA is disappointed with the results from our meeting with the Office of Labor Relations.  There was a lack of progress and collaboration in resolving the managerial work-life issues presented.  The goal of MEA meeting with the Office of Labor Relations was to develop an ongoing working relationship with open discussion.

The NYC Managerial Employees Association seeks your assistance in resolving the difficulties described above. We look forward to meeting with you and appreciate the opportunity.

Sincerely yours,
Darrell L. Sims, President