Member Highlight: LeRoy Temple

Congratulations to MEA member LeRoy Temple on his recent promotion to Assistant Commissioner for Citywide Services at NYC Parks Department.

LeRoy began his Parks career four decades ago as a CSA at Astoria Pool and has held a variety of roles across the city, both in Operations and Public Programs. LeRoy quickly rose up the ranks, moving from Park Service Worker up to CPW, APSW, Park Supervisor, and on to Recreation Supervisor. He later became an APRM in the Bronx, managing several districts, including Pelham Bay Park and Orchard Beach. He then took his talents to Queens, where he managed Rockaway Beach, the largest urban beach in the U.S. LeRoy’s journey next took him to Brooklyn as Chief of Recreation, where he oversaw recreation, operations, and programming. In this role, he was also instrumental in planning, coordinating, and implementing capital improvements for borough recreation facilities, including the opening of the McCarren Play Center. In 2014, LeRoy was named Chief of Operations for our Citywide Services division. 

LeRoy, or “Top Daawg” as the old school Parkies know him, was born in the Bronx and moved at an early age to Flushing, Queens. Encouraged by his grandmother, who was a timekeeper at Overlook Park, LeRoy made countless memories with his friends in neighborhood parks. By joining the Parks team, LeRoy was able to not only have fun while working, but also give back to his community; this first sunk when the seniors he knew from the neighborhood credited him for his good work in the parks. To know LeRoy today is to understand what being positive is all about. His favorite reply when asked how he is doing is “Every day above ground is a blessing,” an attitude he has adopted since becoming a Stage IV cancer survivor. 

When not working at Parks, his passion for his community and the outdoors led him to becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster in the Boy Scout Troop of his youngest son, who is on the verge of reaching the coveted rank of Eagle Scout. In his free time, LeRoy enjoys traveling, riding on his motorcycle, and planning big family events with his wife Tanya and seven children. Next time you are on a Teams meeting with him, look at his profile image—it will be one of his five grandchildren. 

Congratulations LeRoy! MEA is proud to call you one of our members!