Member Highlight: Mario Guerrero Jr.

Congratulations to MEA HPD Chapter Director Mario Guerrero, Jr. for receiving The Employees of the Quarter Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Innovator Award from the Professional Excellence Program.

Mario Guerrero Jr. is the Executive Director of the Bureau of Construction Services and has been with Housing Preservation Department (HPD) for 38 years, in the Office of Development, Division of Building and Land Development Services.

Mario Guerrero Jr. leads the Bureau of Construction Services within the Division of Building and Land Development Services. The team is comprised of 35-40 staff members responsible for the construction monitoring of New Construction and Preservation projects financially assisted by HPD. Construction Services undertakes risk management for the agency and mitigates exposure of project shortcomings to achieve high quality end product. Mario oversees two Directors, four Deputy Directors and a diverse team of inspectors and administrative staff.

Mario leads a diverse team responsible for the construction monitoring of new construction and preservation projects financially assisted by HPD. Mario has demonstrated professional excellence by fostering a meaningful, respectful, and inclusive culture of belonging within the workplace and exemplifying a strong work ethic driven by integrity and passion. He provides guidance and support to all his team members at every level, from directors to field inspectors, and treats each team member with respect and deference. He excels in fostering cohesion and morale among his team and is always inclusive of the diverse voices and backgrounds of his staff. In a field that is largely male-dominated, Mario seeks to increase diversity in the workplace by supporting women who are looking to enter the Construction Services field. In addition, Mario always supports professional development among his team and fosters a learning environment among the entire division by offering other staff members within BLDS the opportunity to learn the methods, tools and trades of Construction Services. More recently, Mario organized a wellness event in collaboration with the Office of Labor and Relations, where a speaker from the Employee Assistance Program provided a presentation on the topics of stress management, trauma, bereavement, wellness and job performance. Mario extended the invitation beyond his team, encouraging the rest of BLDS to participate. He excels at promoting inclusion and encouraging participation in diverse BLDS events, including the yearly BLDS staff appreciation event, the BLDS Wellness Group, and various professional development opportunities, and always volunteers for any task that will make these events a success. Mario is the definition of a DEI Innovator and is passionate about his job, clearly showcased by his willingness to serve as both a leader and mentor in the workplace. HPD is a stronger and more inclusive place of employment because of Mario Guerrero Jr.

Congratulations Mario! MEA is proud to call you one of our members!