National Employee Appreciation Day

MEA champions the work of City managers every day. They take on immense responsibilities and manage complex programs that are critical for the success of the City. Their leadership in the face of challenges like budget constraints and staffing shortages are essential for maintaining the quality of life for millions of New Yorkers. Without them, New York wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is. City managers rock!

National Employee Appreciation Day is March 1. Now is the chance to shift our focus to the unsung heroes our managers oversee. These dedicated public employees are also in the trenches every day, providing services that the City depends on, and they deserve a shoutout for the great work they do. The contribution of everyone in the workplace, from top to bottom, adds up.

We encourage our managers to take the opportunity to recognize their teams this National Employee Appreciation Day. Highlighting the contributions of team members can be a great tool for motivation and helps to foster a sense of value within the team. Appreciation can be expressed in many ways, including public praise and personalized thank-you notes. Team members want to know their supervisors see and recognize their efforts; let your team know your success depends on their success!  

Managers are responsible for setting the tone of their team, and an environment of appreciation and recognition is an easy way to boost morale and inspire positive teamwork. Modeling positive workplace behavior is a great way to do this. Demonstrating exemplary behavior through professionalism, respect, and a collaborative mindset encourages staff members to embrace these traits, creating a more cohesive and productive work environment. Team members thrive when their managers treat them with respect and celebrate their wins.

For more ideas on how to show appreciation to your team, check out this article from the Harvard Business Review.

Thank you to our City managers and their team members for keeping NYC running.