NYC Air Quality Deterioration and the City’s Actions

As Canada’s wildfire season starts, the East Coast’s air quality is severely impacted, especially in New York City, which has been blanketed by smoke and haze. The City’s air quality was considered “Very Unhealthy” on the Air Quality Index, ranking No.1 among cities with the worst air quality worldwide.

In response, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a citywide Air Quality Heath Advisory. The Advisory urges New Yorkers to avoid outdoor activities, especially people with heart or breathing problems and children and older adults, and to pick up high-quality masks. For indoor protection, New Yorkers are advised to keep their windows closed, use air purifiers, close the fresh air intake on their air conditioners, and wear masks if need be. Masks can be picked up at local police precincts and certain FDNY locations. Outdoor school activities are recommended to be canceled. 

In the face of this situation, Mayor Adams affirmed that the City is “taking precautions out of an abundance of caution to protect New Yorkers’ health.” The full statement can be found on the Mayor’s website.

A toll-free air quality hotline has been established so New York residents can stay informed on the air quality situation. The toll-free number is 1-800-535-1345.