Pension Counseling

This benefit enables MEA members to learn about the various options which are available to them under the NYC Employees Retirement System (NYCERS) prior to their retirement.

A personal counseling session is available by appointment before and after retirement.

On the day of your personal counseling session, please bring the following documents with you (we will not keep copies, they are only for use during discussion with the Pension Counselor).

  • Your NYCAPS “ESTUBS” Payment Summary (3 years) or W-2’s for 3 years.
  • The latest annual pension statement you received from NYCERS
  • An estimate of your pension from NYCERS, if available.
  • Your most recent Social Security statement, if available.
  • Any recent pay stub.
  • Any documents you have received regarding your pension.
  • Approximate balance of your 457/401K.

To set up your appointment, please contact the MEA at (212) 964-0035 or info [@]