Scams? Beware!

This week, March 5 -11, is National Consumer Protection Week. Sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission, it aims to help consumers become aware of various scams designed to take their money or important personal information and provides useful tips to help avoid becoming a victim. Throughout the course of the week, there are various informational events including: a webinar about elder fraud, a virtual workshop about financial protection tools, and an online chat about consumer rights and protections. You can find a full list here.

March 9 has been designated as “Slam the Scam” Day, which is supported by the Social Security Administration. It focuses on scams revolving around Social Security and other government programs. You find the SSA Scam Awareness page here, and a guide on how to report a Social Security scam here

The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection also offers a comprehensive set of information on how to protect yourself from scams, ranging from credit repair to funeral homes

MEA encourages our members to be empowered – protect yourself against threats to security and take advantage of the resources available to make safe decisions.