Social Security Pre-Retirement : What You Need to Know

This lecture is intended for those preparing to retire to gain a better understanding of their Social Security benefits. This program is presented by the Social Security Administration and representatives will be available to answer your questions.

It will cover topics such as:
1. Scam Awareness
2. My Social Security
3. Retirement Benefit overview
4. How to Apply for Benefits

It is advised that attendees set up their own my Social Security account for practical experience before the meeting and to review their own earnings statement to ensure accuracy.

Date: Wednesday, June 12
Time: 12:30pm

Advance registration is required. This info session is presented by the Social Security Administration and sponsored by NYCMEA.

Ravi Gopaul. Public Affairs Specialist for the Social Security Administration’s New York Region, is responsible for public outreach and education, and community engagement in Manhattan and Staten Island. He has over a decade of experience with SSA and currently works with community-based organizations, advocacy groups and employers to help people understand Social Security.